Mobile app testing scenarios – are they worth using?

scenariusz testowy

Mobile testing scenarios are one of the most important tools used by testers. But what exactly are mobile testing scenarios? How to write test scenarios from requirements? When and how to use web testing scenarios? Are they necessary? How do web application testing scenarios differ from test cases? These and more questions will be answered below.

Mobile testing scenario – what are they?

In order to discuss different aspects of web testing scenarios, it is first necessary to shed some light on the term. Different sources tend to vary significantly in their definitions. At Testspring, we believe that mobile app testing scenarios are multi-level descriptions of what will be happening during the testing process. Web application testing scenarios are much simpler than test cases. Creating test scenarios should help testers design the testing process step by step.

Trying to understand the needs of the end user is especially important in this context. Simply put, mobile app testing scenarios are a collection of steps which have to be performed in order to achieve the test goal.

Web application testing scenarios – how and when to use them?

Mobile testing scenarios are mainly used by testers to decide what needs to be tested in a particular software. This is especially important when a tester doesn’t know a system yet, or it getting developed. It is not a secret that every piece of software requires an individual approach.

Android and iOS app testing scenarios should inlcude all possible paths that a user may take within the app. This means that a single system requires multiple scenarios. Requirements are very helpful when creating scenarios. How to write test scenarios from requirements? An app’s documentation should include flow charts showing what decisions and actions a user might make. Developers are not always able to predict every step of the user, that’s why a good tester has to always be creative.

How to write test scenarios from requirements?

Writing mobile app testing scenarios begins with defining the test scope. Then comes the goal, meaning which functionalities are going to be tested and in what environment.

After these factors have been defined, it is time to begin creating a test scenario, to cover as many functionalities, parts of the system or updates as possible. How should mobile app testing scenarios be written? In this case less is more. Mobile testing scenarios are easier to understand when written using simple language ad short sentences.

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Web testing scenarios – examples

Below you can find some e-commerce website testing scenarios. A test scenario example for a login page is only one of the possible scenarios when preparing e-commerce website testing scenarios.

Web testing scenarios can be written in the form of short information about user actions, like in this test scenario example for a login page:

  • ST_01 user loads the website
  • ST_02 user enters invalid login
  • ST_03 user enters invalid password
  • ST_04 user enters the valid login
  • ST_05 user enters the valid password

A scenario can also only describe the actions that are to be tested. Let us once again consider this on a test scenario example for a login page:

  • ST_01 page loading
  • ST_02 invalid login input
  • ST_03 invalid password
  • ST_04 valid login input
  • ST_05 valid password input

Unlike a test case, web testing scenarios don’t describe the intended results, as these can usually be deducted from its content.

Mobile app testing scenarios – when to use them

The examples of login page test scenarios were supposed to clearly demonstrate what web application testing scenarios really are. Let us once again focus on why they are so important and when to use them. Website, Android and iOS app testing scenarios are most useful when:

  • The testers don’t know the system
  • There are certain business goals
  • The app has not been developed yet
  • Testers don’t possess all necessary information
  • There is limited time available
  • There are resource limitations
  • We wish to reduce maintenance costs

Testspring are a team of experts in all things QA and testing. This means, that we know exactly when to use proper website, Android and iOS app testing scenarios. The login page test scenarios found above are only examples of the many possible test scenarios. And we use them in every testing process. We strongly believe that good work and resource management are the first and key steps in providing high-quality services. Contact us to find out what we can do for you and your company.

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