Software testing tools – which are worth using?

narzędzia do testowania

Every tester requires tailored, high-quality testing tools, to perform the planned tests and collect all important data. With so many testing tools for QA available on the market, it is difficult to name the best ones. In this article we will discuss many common testing tools, to aid you in choosing tools for a particular process. How many automation testing tools are available? What are rational tools for testing? Let’s get started!

What are rational tools for testing?

Software testing tools are useful both during manual and automated testing. They allow testers to organize their work more effectively and save precious time. If you too would like to increase the effectiveness of your tests and gather more information from them, then using certain types of testing tools for QA is the best way to achieve those goals. Before we discuss them in more detail, it is first important to highlight, how many types of testing tools are there. Most of these tools offer very similar functionalities. Some testing tools are free, while others need to be purchased.

The latter are the reason, why deciding what tools are really necessary is so important. And this requires setting a clear test purpose. Only after defining the testing scope and assessing all risks, will you be able to choose the right testing tools.

How many types of testing tools are there

How many automation testing tools are available? App, web and server software testing tools can be split into 6 basic categories. They are helpful during:

  • testing interfaces
  • load testing tools
  • automation testing tools
  • security testing
  • supporting manual tests
  • mobile testing

Below you can find useful information on how to use these tools, as well as, in what ways they can help you achieve your testing goals.

How can testing tools for QA help with interfaces?

Software testing tools designed for website interfaces can help with API tests. Using these tools as support is necessary in order to find bugs and errors, which make communication between processes, software and systems more difficult. All in all, they can help you prevent a lot of problems in the future. Testing tools for websites and apps should be introduced into projects at very early stages, because they increase the quality of interfaces significantly. They allow you to improve API and its implementation.

Load testing tools

Web, mobile and server app testing tools designed to test performance, can help you measure the user load your product will be able to handle. Most importantly, you can see how the system responds to user actions under various levels of stress. This can show you the maximal load possible for your system. The product’s documentation files should include expected load values. Load testing tools can help you check whether these expectations will be met after release. Load testing tools are especially helpful when testing online stores. They also allow you to acquire information about non-active SQL queries.

Software security testing tools

Software testing tools for QA can also help you verify the product’s security. With them, you may perform tests on the complete solutions, or their parts. Software security testing tools are an excellent choice during pipeline integration. Importantly, these tools can help you verify the code’s security!

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Manual testing tools

While we tend to focus on automation testing tools, we have to remember that manual tests are just as important, and they too have their own tools. But these tools are not synonymous with automation. This group of tools includes different simulators and device emulators. Browser consoles allow testers to interfere with the website’s code. Solutions which help with preparing test data more efficiently are also considered manual testing tools. These include: database tolls performing tests on a constant set of data, by recovering the database to the original state.

Every manual tester understands the importance of reporting their operations and results. Screen capturing and screenshots can be especially helpful in this regard. Based on this it becomes clear, that manual testing tools can only help to a small extent and have nothing to do with automation.

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Mobile testing tools

Mobile software testing can also be supported with appropriate tools. These tools mainly include emulators and simulators. They allow to save time while testing new versions of the code and you don’t have use real devices.

BUT! It is important to note, that using real devices for mobile tests is still the best solution. Why?

They allow you to verify:

  • how the app really reacts
  • how easy the app is to use
  • whether all information is displayed correctly
  • smoothness

Automation testing tools

A lot of testing tools allow for automation. These solutions are especially popular among experts performing end-to-end website and mobile tests. Automation testing tools make regression testing and retesting much easier. They ensure that the tested app works correctly and all past bugs have been resolved. Additionally, they check whether all functionalities work correctly.

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Why is using these tools worth it? Test automation can optimize the development and maintenance costs. But there is one catch. All automation tools need to be designed and implemented well.


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