Comprehensive quality assurance service

kompleksowa usługa zapewnienia jakości

MAERSK is a customer dealing with the supply chain, transport and logistics. Our goal was to enrich the Orchestrator service with an appropriate software.

MAERSK: One-stop quality assurance service

The short time to complete the tasks turned out to be a challenge. Testspring was responsible for providing a comprehensive quality assurance service. Among the tasks were:

  • testing, verification and delivery of configuration,
  • creating an automation tests solution based on a graphical user interface,
  • development and quality assurance of the delivery process.

Effects: MAERSK quality assurance service

Thanks to the cooperation with MAERSK, we have learned how important it is to think outside the box as a quality assurance consultant. We created a process in which team members acted not only as testers but also IT specialists. Thanks to the trust given us by MAERSK, we were able to create a unique test structure for directly solving problems arising in the client’s environment.

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