UAT strategy

Unilever decided to move the cold store to a new 3PL operator and location. The work of the cold warehouse involved many operations and rapidly changing items. Each of the processes was supposed to run smoothly. Our goal was to adapt the warehouse management system to the end customer’s business processes. 

Unilever: UAT strategy

Testspring was responsible for such tasks as:

  • creating a test strategy,
  • UAT preparation,
  • creating training materials,
  • the implementation of processes assistance.
ikona Zweryfikowane przez społeczność

Effects of cooperation with Unilever

Thanks to the cooperation with Unilever, we came to the conclusion how important it is to introduce QA specialists at the very first stages of delivery. In this way, we can minimise the risk of failure. Hiring trained consultants will help you detect gaps in requirements, knowledge and processes. This leads to the avoidance of serious problems at the delivery stage.

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