Stress Test Software – is it safe? Why should you use it?

testy przeciążeniowe

A Stress test or stress tests are a subcategory of performance tests, which allow us to find and recognize issues in the system under intense loads. By using stress test software we can reduce the risk and avoid the consequences of losing data in a crunch situation. How does performance test software work? Is it safe to use? Why should you stress test your website? Let’s explore!

Stress testing definition

Let us begin with a stress testing definition. Running stress test software on your system is the best way to determine its sustainability under excess loads. This means considering a hypothetical situation, where your website or app is used by more users than its maximum capacity anticipated on production. By overloading the system we are able to define problems which may arise as too much data is uploaded to the database. If you stress-test the website and use the stress test results to determine issues before release, you can avoid their consequences after your system is released to the users. If you want to make sure, that your website is prepared for higher-than-expected traffic, stress tests are the perfect solution for you.

Stress test software should be used during the development process. It is important to tailor the stress test load to fit the expected, possible user count. The importance of running stress tests on your website is often overlooked by clients. Stress testing your software may be required and prove very beneficial in the long run. When should you perform stress tests and what do stress test results tell us?

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What is a stress test good for?

Stress tests help us verify how our software of website functions if traffic reaches maximum capacity, or exceeds the expected load. By Stress testing software and stress testing websites, you can determine if your servers are well prepared and will be able to handle such high-stress situations. During development, software specialists determine the app’s or website’s endurance capabilities. Stress tests are supposed to verify, whether the system can live-up to these predictions. By running them on your website or software, you will be able to define any potential bugs or errors which may contribute to a loss or leak of data and information. Before you stress test a website or app, you need to first determine the goal of your test. Do you wish to check how your system responds to multiple concurrent users simultaneously sending the same request to your server, or would you rather focus on volumes.

While performing both of these tests at the same time is possible, we recommend splitting them. By stress testing, you can check:

  • if you can potentially reduce response times under high loads
  • whether excess loads might result in a loss or corruption of data
  • continuous functionality in case of an overload
  • the risk of your system crashing under stress

Stress test- how to perform one?

Before running stress test software, it first necessary to determine the level of stress that the system will be put under. We recommend settling for 110% of the endurance capabilities set during development. After this, it is almost time to begin testing. But first you need to properly prepare yourself for the process. Make sure you have the necessary access, tools and if you set a goal for your test. Stress tests can be performed on one functionality e.g. sending a contact form. You also simply test your system’s response to an increase in users or visitors.

When testing volumes, the amount of users stays at the maximum expected level, while the size of data sent increases.

Check out how we do it at Testspring! Our testing process includes proper preparation, testing, a comprehensive analysis, as well as solution recommendations.

1. Defining the scope of the testing

2. Risk management

3. Test planning

4. Stress testing the system

5. Conclusion of the testing process and data storage

6. Data collection

7. Result analysis

8. Generation of a stress test software report

9. Test data analysis

10. Defining problems and finding solutions

11. Implementation of fixes

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What are the benefits of stress test software?

Stress testing software help optimize expenses. They allow you to reduce the risk of high costs in the post-development stages. In the title we asked, whether a stress test is safe. It must be noted here, that it is these tests that help minimize the risk of major errors and as such increase the security of your software. What else do you need to know? Stress tests will allow your users to enjoy a fool-proof, reliable app or website; without a doubt, positively improving how they view and rate your product.

Tools used to stress test a website.

Stress testing a website requires a set of necessary solutions and accesses. This includes tools used to simulate multiple, concurrent users or visitors, test automation and asynchronous programming. At Testspring, we own and use all these tools. Find out more! Software testing.

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