3 ways to defeat a Beast of Managing and get on with your testing

3 ways to defeat a Beast of Managing and get on with your testing

3 quickest ways to find a tester and start your testing yesterday. 

If you decide to start testing your software, you are one step closer to fewer headaches. But you have to tackle these three bloodthirsty Beasts of Quality. Today you will hear a story about surviving the contact with Beast of Managing. 

Managing your Quality? This is a mission worth a true hero. Why? Simple as it may be, the testing process is not just the process of clicking through the app. To test means knowing what to do, when, and how to do it to reach the desired outcome. Sounds easy? Most companies think so. They are instantly devoured by the multidimensional Beast of Managing. It is hungry for your time, money and resources. 

1. Hire a Test Manager 

If there is a treasure to be found – it is the lost time and the cost of bad decisions. A skilled Test Manager will be able to adjust your processes and create just as much documentation as you need. The biggest issue is usually a lack of documentation – which stops you from making good decisions and supports the wrong ones. On the other hand, countless ventures fall into the trap of standardising everything, creating documents just for the sake of documenting. What is the right amount of test documentation? Let the Test Manager decide. But please remember that they are the Heroes we all deserve but not always can afford. 

Most considerable risk: a costly resource that you need to fit into the organisation. 

Most significant advantage: once deployed, the specialist will define your quality policy and goals and organise your testing process to achieve the required results. This will ensure the generation of fundamental data about your software. 

How much it costs: If you want to hire a skilled Test Manager in Poland, you must spend at least 6-7k US dollars. 

Where to find them: advertise on popular IT job marketplaces. Set the employment form to b2b (it will filter out most juniors and cosy-position oriented people). Make sure the cash is big. 

2. Look for Consultancy 

It might happen that you don’t want to hire anyone. If your crew has someone who can take ownership, then you can look for a Consultancy. A company like Testspring may analyse your process and prepare the Report with some proposed documentation formats. The hard part is the handover – you need to select a responsible and accountable person that will get the job done based on our Report. 

Most considerable risk: someone needs to take ownership; otherwise, there will be no results. 

Most significant advantage: you save time and money and get a well-fitted result. 

How much it costs: depends on the scope; the overall cost is around 4k US dollars. 

Where to find them:  You can call us or find a similar company online. 

3. Put your Trust in the QA specialist 

Hero needed! This is the sign you might hang on your company walls. Why QA specialist? Contrary to a tester, a QA specialist looks at how to avoid mistakes by designing a proper process. The part of that is also taking care of documentation. Sometimes the smart move is to hire a tester with QA experience. A specialist will participate in your testing process hands-on and have the first seat. Based on the experience, the documents can be created to suit your process exactly. You can either hire a specialist yourself or use the help of a company like Testspring. 

Most considerable risk: you need to find an additional resource with a specific skillset. 

Most significant advantage: you get 2-in-1 – a tester with the best understanding of what is needed and can make it so. 

How much it costs: the cost of an average tester with QA experience is around 4-5k US dollars per month. 

Where to find them: You can hire or use the help of Testspring or a similar company. 

Can managing the testing be really that hard? In our experience, the most challenging part is producing data that can be used for clear communication, proper decision making and cost calculation. You don’t have to put as much effort into test management as one might think, but completely disregarding it is the worst choice you can make. You can explore the possibilities with Testspring as this is part of our five-year mission to boldly introduce Quality and defeat the monsters that constantly bite it. 

Good luck, traveller!

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