3 quickest ways to find a tester and start your testing yesterday

find a tester and start your testing yesterday

If you decide to start testing your software, you are one step closer to fewer headaches. But you have to tackle these three beasts first: 

  • Beast of searching 
  • Beast of managing 
  • Beast of budgeting 

Today you will hear a story on how to survive the contact with the first one!

Once you know you need a tester, you need it quick. Usually, we realise the need for Quality too late. The biggest enemy we fight here is time. The best way to get a great tester is to go through a quarter-long journey of the hiring process, but who has time for that these days? So here are three dangerous shortcuts that can help you if you are careful and aware of the risks. 

1.Find that ridiculously expensive freelancer

If you want to save time you need to spend something in the other departments. There were legends about a tester roaming the internet and testing the software quickly, reliably and efficiently for a portion of food and shelter. But you probably know that I will disappoint you – these were just fairytales. Instead of looking for mythical creatures you can turn to real solutions. When there is no time for preparations, but you want to be sure about the result, you can hire a well-trained mercenary. If the price is right, there is always some legendary tester available. 

Most considerable risk: a big chunky sack of gold is needed, and it’s easy to go over budget. 

Most significant advantage: once deployed, the specialist will know their way around the software and company quickly – no need to manage. 

2. Hire a headhunter to get you the tester

Headhunters are a ruthless group of “yes-can-do” people that will find you anyone, for the right amount of money. If you want to have someone for a permanent position, these are the people you want to talk to. They have been building their lists of potential and available candidates for decades now. You will undoubtedly be presented with interesting profiles. What is an advantage over a freelancer? Once you recruit, the price drops down, and you can hire for a permanent position at your company. 

Most considerable risk: Initial cost might never pay off as your tester will still be hunted by other companies. 

Most significant advantage: you save time on the hiring process and get the team member you are looking for. 

3.Find help with a QA band – like Testspring

Troubled adventurers are constantly bombarded with tasks and challenges in the realm of IT. There must be someone to help them, right? So here we are – a group of professional mercenaries with skills ready to be deployed at your service. You can’t buy our loyalty as it lays with Quality! But we – Testspring – and others like us – can be a heavy ally in the neverending fight with inefficient processes, bugs and low Quality. We will have people at your disposal in no time, and we take care of everything from the process to the tools. 

Most considerable risk: Testers might be perceived as someone from “outside” at the beginning.  

Most significant advantages: You get testers, tools, processes and documentation in no time; you save money on HR; you get a partner that is focused on your success; offboarding is no longer an issue 

As you can see, the quest of finding a tester is a tough one. If you need help, we – the Testspring – are roaming the space and time searching for new missions and projects to be part of. 

Good luck! 

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